Regaining Financial Stability After Divorce


Divorce affects multiple areas of the couple’s life, including emotional and physical health, living conditions, and finances. The blow to financial stability is one that can seem impossible to rebound. Allow us to suggest a few tips that may lighten the burden.  Examine Your Situation  The first step to improving a divorcee’s situation is understanding […]

Successful Co-Parenting During the Holidays


Co-parenting presents many complicated issues. With the holiday season upon us, these complications become more apparent than other times of the year. Yes, parent time is typically set out in order of in the Divorce Decree. That said, many individuals seek concessions for special plans, events, or family gatherings during this time. Remember, if you […]

How Does The Pandemic Change Visitation?


We all know that visitation rights and times can be a confusing and sensitive topic, and that is without the added complications that come from being in a global pandemic. It is essential to keep in mind that this isn’t just new territory for parents, but the courts. Allow us to layout the guidelines given […]

COVID’s Effect on Domestic Violence


One of the most common themes that the experts keep touching on when talking about Covid-19 stays home stay safe. While this may be true for most, this virus has brought many new stressors along with some unexpected risks for those in un-safe relationships. According to experts, this pandemic has increased the need for crisis […]

Tips for Effective Co-Parenting


Divorce can harm everyone involved, especially the children. A report by the Ottawa-based Vanier Institute of the Family found that kids who have lived through an ugly divorce are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and drop out of school. One strategy that can help reduce the likelihood of these adverse effects in the […]