What can I do if my Utah Divorce Settlement is Unfair?

The weeks following the initial breakup from marriage is typically one of the most trying times a person can go through.  It is common for people to feel a huge range of emotions such as, confusion, sadness, shock, and even anger.  Although it may be hard to accept that marriage had ended, it is not […]

What you need to know about alimony in Utah

Many people have one simple question, “how does alimony work in Utah?”  Seeking a divorce is usually an emotionally challenging process, but it can also have large financial implications.  Alimony, also known as spousal support is basically when one spouse pays compensation to another after a divorce has taken place.  The goal of this payment is to […]

How Social Media Relates to Divorce

Social media has changed the manner in which people throughout the world are connecting with each other.  With a few clicks of a mouse, we can be chatting with someone who is in another country but shares similar interests together.  Some people find great benefit in this new technology, while others have found that it […]

Help Your Children to Live in Two Homes After a Divorce

One of the most difficult challenges for children after a divorce can be getting used to living in two different homes.  This sometimes scary and confusing change can be made easier when parents help their kids make the transition.  One of the most important things to remember is that you want to instill a sense […]

How step-parent adoption works in Utah

Modern families are more complicated, blended and extended than they have ever been.  Some people find themselves in situations where letting go opens them up for new opportunities and love.  This can mean finding someone new after a divorce and falling in love with the right person for you.  As relationships grow, so does the […]