How to Tell Your Children You’re Getting Divorced

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It’s never easy discussing divorce with your children, but children usually appreciate honesty from their parents. We’ve listed a few suggestions to help you handle the difficult task of breaking the news to your children. Tell them together. If possible, show the children you and your spouse are still united in making sure they are cared for. […]

Think Before You Post


Although it can be tempting to post your frustrations with the opposing party on social media sites such as Facebook… don’t! It may seem like a great sounding board to vent your frustrations, or even get back at the opposing party, but it can actually have negative consequences. Sometimes social media can give us a false sense […]

Answering Difficult Questions from Your Children After Divorce


Utah families that are facing divorce often have one primary concern: how to make the situation as positive for the children as possible. It’s important to begin to address these difficult questions as soon as you’re considering filing for divorce. As a partner in a couple that’s separating, you’ll have many emotions and questions yourself. It’s […]