No matter how you decided to seek the help and guidance of a family law attorney, it’s completely common to feel nervous and lost. You will definitely have many questions and concerns for your lawyer. You may even start feeling overwhelmed. Feeling 100% comfortable with your attorney is the first step to making the process more productive and focused. So, what should you expect from your initial interactions with your attorney? 

Initial Consultation

Your first meeting with your family law attorney will likely be the initial consultation. Many attorneys will do this first consultation in person and sometimes over the phone. 

What is an Initial Consultation?

The purpose of the initial consultation is for your to meet your attorney and decide whether you wish to work with that attorney and to determine if the attorney desires to take your case. It’s crucial to be prepared, as the attorney will likely ask you detailed questions to which you should reply with detailed answers. 

What You Need in Advance

It is helpful to make a list of questions you wish to discuss during your initial consultation, but you do not have to. Expert family law attorneys take the responsibility to guide the conversation throughout the consultation. They will ask you questions and listen carefully to your answers and take extensive and detailed notes. A family law attorney should talk you through the situation and guide you will gathering as much information to evaluate your potential case. But, it shouldn’t end there, ask your attorney any questions relevant to the case. Such questions could include their experience, cost of service, and any other relevant questions that you may have.

If you have any current orders, notices, conversations, or any other documents filed, inform your attorney. Some other helpful but not required things you could bring to an initial consultation are things like: pay stubs, prenuptial agreements, tax returns, or any other important information about your case. 

Any life transition brings about its challenges, and we all know family matters can make it the most challenging of all. It’s helpful and comforting to have an experienced family law attorney that is thoroughly familiar with your case to make your investment worth any initial consultation. Contact Burton Family Law Firm today! We got you covered on anything you need to make the transition to a better life with the outcome that you wish. 

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