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Navigating Parenting Plans: What to Do When a Child Refuses Visitation


Parenting Plans: What to Do When a Child Refuses Visitation Navigating the complexities of a parenting plan can be challenging, especially when a child refuses to go to the other parent’s house despite a pre-agreed visitation schedule. At Burton Family Attorneys, we understand the delicate nature of family law matters and aim to provide insights […]

What Can I do if my Ex Won’t Let me see my kids?

When married couples legally divorce, and they have children, the court will establish a custody order.  This legal ruling will define visitation and parental rights. Apart from cases where the children are at risk of imminent harm, neither parent has a right to prevent the other one from seeing their children. Sometimes one parent will deny […]

What Happens When a Parenting Plan Fails

If a parent violates a court-ordered parenting plan, they risk being held in contempt of court. Furthermore, they could face custody and visitation consequences if the court considers it a serious enough issue. More specifically, a parent could be held in contempt of court for the following: Repeatedly violating visitation times Failing to return your […]

Tips for a Healthier Co-Parenting Schedule

Every parent wishes to spend most of their time with their children. However, once the marriage comes to a divorce, parents push even harder to be an integral part of their children’s lives. Many studies show how shared parenting should be standard for any child after a divorce.  It’s clear that even after a divorce, […]

Establishing Paternity in Utah: Why it Matters.

In legal terms, paternity simply means establishing who the legal father of a child is.  Most fathers understand the immediate bond that is formed with a child as soon as they are born.  However, this bond and the legal rights that accompany them may not be established right away given certain situations.  For example, if a man […]

How will a criminal conviction affect my custody case?

Family courts have traditionally been charged to make a decision that will be in the best interest of the child or children.  This means that they have a lot of discretion and power in child custody cases.  When parents become ex-spouses it can sometimes be difficult to establish where the child is going to live, […]

Can I Withhold Visitation if my Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

Many parents that have been divorced are faced with frustrating financial situations.  When one parent can’t or simply won’t pay child support, things get even worse.  This can lead to one parent finding themselves in a tight spot, and unsure how to fix the issue.  One solution that comes to mind is to withhold visitation until the […]

When Child Support Is Late, Can You Withhold Visitation?

Your ex has fallen behind on child support, and you’re understandably frustrated. In fact, you want to motivate your former spouse to bring his or her obligation current. Unfortunately, you cannot legally withhold visitation rights in Utah, even if child support payments aren’t current. While it may seem completely fair, stopping your ex from spending parent […]