How will a criminal conviction affect my custody case?


Family courts have traditionally been charged to make a decision that will be in the best interest of the child or children.  This means that they have a lot of discretion and power in child custody cases.  When parents become ex-spouses it can sometimes be difficult to establish where the child is going to live, […]

Can I Withhold Visitation if my Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support?


Many parents that have been divorced are faced with frustrating financial situations.  When one parent can’t or simply won’t pay child support, things get even worse.  This can lead to one parent finding themselves in a tight spot, and unsure how to fix the issue.  One solution that comes to mind is to withhold visitation until the […]

How can Parental Rights be removed in Utah?


What does it mean when someone has their parental rights removed from their children?  As the name may imply, that parent will no longer have the ability to do or perform any of the actions a parent will perform for their children.  Most notably this means the parent will not have the rights to see […]

Child Abandonment and the Loss of Parental Rights in Utah


The topic of child abandonment is a difficult one for many parents, most of whom could never imagine giving up their precious children. In the legal world, however, issues of child abandonment are often brought up as a part of contentious divorce cases and custody battles. We hear from many mothers and fathers who fear their estranged spouse […]

Children’s Bill of Rights


A family law matter can be emotional for all adults involved, but have you ever stopped to think what it’s like for a child? A family law matter can be equally, if not more, overwhelming for a child. It’s important to make sure children going through a matter such as a divorce or custody feels your full […]

Protecting Your Rights during Legal Separation


Like a divorce, a legal separation, or separate maintenance, as it is called in Utah, provides couples with the opportunity to live apart while dissolving their marital obligations to each other. The main difference between divorce and statutory separation is that the couple is still technically married and unable to remarry until the divorce becomes final. […]