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Child Custody Issue During COVID-19

The COVID-19 stay at home order has gone and people are now rampant and raiding all their favorite hangouts. Social distancing is now basically nonexistent and even though most businesses ask for people to wear masks, there are still a lot of people not wearing masks, some of these even being the employees themselves. So […]

Same-Sex Divorces may Have its Challenges

Giving same-sex couples the option to wed has brought about individuals from the LGBTQ people group in Utah and the nation over accessing benefits that have consistently been anything but difficult to access for straight couples. This has likewise implied that LGBTQ couples have someone of kind difficulties to explore when their relationships end. With […]

3 Things you should never do during a divorce

Humans are known to be creatures that act on behalf of emotions.  Any family law issue will come with its own set of challenges and obstacles.  Divorce, in particular, can be extremely emotional and life-altering.  Whether you have known that a divorce has been a long time coming, or it came out of virtually nowhere, […]

Common questions and answers with divorce

Q:    Does it matter who files first for divorce A:    Generally, it makes little or no difference who files the petition for divorce. The party who files the Petition for Divorce will be designated the “Petitioner” in all further pleadings filed in the case, and the other party will always thereafter be designated as the […]

Meet Our Paralegals

At Burton Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer exceptional client care. A large part of our ability to have such a high level of client care is because of our outstanding paralegals. Your paralegal will have a large role in your case, so we feel it’s important to be familiar with them […]

My Friend’s Divorce Was Easy—Why Isn’t Mine?

Each divorce is unique. Many factors play into the length and difficulty of a case, including how contested each matter becomes. Some of the factors that can affect the difficulty of your case include: Number and age of children Income of parties Assets of parties Debts of the parties Business & real estate interests Length […]

Legal Separation Can Have a Lasting Impact

A couple may sometimes try a trial separation before proceeding with divorce. In some cases, the couple is attempting reconciliation while separated. In other cases, they have made the decision to no longer move forward as a couple, but aren’t ready to divorce. Although separation can sometimes provide the environment needed to allow your marriage to […]

Protecting Your Rights during Legal Separation

Like a divorce, a legal separation, or separate maintenance, as it is called in Utah, provides couples with the opportunity to live apart while dissolving their marital obligations to each other. The main difference between divorce and statutory separation is that the couple is still technically married and unable to remarry until the divorce becomes final. […]