Understanding Guardianship in Utah


We all understand that minors need an adult appointed in their life to be responsible for them and their wellbeing. In most cases, these people will be their natural-born parents.  In some cases, birth parents can no longer be responsible for their children. These reasons can include but are not limited to severe illness, disabilities, […]

Understanding Adult Guardianship in Utah


Adult guardianship is a legal arrangement that authorizes a capable adult, or guardian, to make decisions for another adult, referred to as the protected person or ward. Under Utah law, a guardian may be appointed if an adult is determined to be incapacitated. This means that the adult lacks the ability to adequately evaluate information, make […]

Family Law and the Basics of Guardianship


In matters of family law, it is often necessary to appoint a guardian. This term refers to someone who has the legal authority to make decisions for someone else, referred to as the ward or protected person. When Is a Guardian Appointed in a Family Law Case? Under Utah family law, an adult who has lost […]