Getting Divorced: How to Break the News to Your Parents

If divorce is the right choice for you, there may be a number of difficult conversations you will need to have. Most people immediately think of the dreaded talk with their children, but an often overlooked conversation is approaching this topic with parents. Everyone will have a different approach: perhaps your parents have been happily married for years, […]

I Don’t Want to Get Divorced

Divorce can be particularly painful when you want to remain married. In most cases, one party initiates the divorce even though the other party may not be agreement. You may have seen it coming for years, or it may be a complete shock to know your spouse has filed for divorce. Either way, it can be […]

Important Rules of Being a Divorced Parent

You may think the stress of divorce ends once your decree is signed, but often the stress carries into co-parenting after your divorce. While co-parenting can be difficult, it’s important to not take the stress out on your children. Keep in mind your divorce has already had an impact on your children. They too are trying to […]