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Divorce can be particularly painful when you want to remain married. In most cases, one party initiates the divorce even though the other party may not be agreement. You may have seen it coming for years, or it may be a complete shock to know your spouse has filed for divorce. Either way, it can be devastating.

Whether you expect it or not, when the initiating party begins the divorce process, important steps and deadlines are put into place. Although you may not want to accept that your marriage together is ending, you still need to take the required steps so you don’t jeopardize making your voice heard in your case.

Is Reconciliation Possible?

Sometimes, even after the initial filing, couples attempt reconciliation. If your spouse is willing to give things another try, you may want to attend counseling or find additional recourses that can assist in giving your marriage another shot at working.

Although you may think your case will just “hold” while you try to work things out, it’s important to relay your intentions to your attorney so they can assist you in making sure your case is not compromised.

Facing Facts Head-On

Your cooperation is absolutely necessary. Ignoring your divorce doesn’t make it go away. Although it may be difficult to come to terms with your divorce and may seem easier to ignore it than to face it head on, that mindset can put you in a bad situation.

The court has procedures and deadlines in place to help cases progress, by ignoring the fact you were served, you may be waiving important rights if you don’t respond. Dragging your feet and can also cost you, literally. If the court feels you are purposefully delaying the case, they may require you to pay a portion of the opposing party’s attorneys fees.

An Attorney Can Ease the Process

While taking the first step can be overwhelming, you can’t bury your head in the sand and hope your divorce will just go away. Meeting with an attorney can often ease your initial fears. They can advise you on the process and provide you with the knowledge to put you at ease. By retaining an attorney at the beginning of your case, you are ensuring that you are well informed and your interests and concerns are appropriately handled.

If you have been served with paperwork relating to a divorce or custody matter or have decided to file for divorce, contact Burton Law Firm. We’ll ease the burden and guide you through the process.


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