Does Divorce=Bankruptcy?

It’s common for people to hear that other couples lose all their wealth after a divorce. They worry about going broke and having to file for bankruptcy. Hearing this can leave people questioning if they are exaggerating about losing a significant amount of assets in the divorce? Or if divorce leaves people in such dire […]

What Happens if My Ex Files Bankruptcy?

You may panic if you receive a bankruptcy notice from your ex in the mail. So what happens if they try to discharge an amount owed for child support or alimony? In short, generally, nothing will change. During the bankruptcy process, a trustee is assigned to the case to examine all financial aspects of debts, assets, […]

Bankruptcy in Divorce

When viewing your debt obligations contained in a divorce decree, you may be able to discharge your liability to your creditors, because they will never know that your obligations were contained in a divorce decree, but your liability to your ex-spouse will never go away. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have a great deal of […]