Division of Retirement Benefits Upon Divorce

  Generally, couples who divorce in Utah are entitled to an equitable division of retirement investments acquired during the marriage. Equitable means fair, which isn’t necessarily equal. This applies to both parties, regardless of who created the retirement investments from the marriage date to the date of the divorce. Retirement benefits are grouped as “property” and are […]

How Much Does it Cost to Get Divorced?

Due to modern life constraints, financial implications often factor into the decision as much as any other factor. Many people often ask, “How much does a divorce cost?” Ultimately they are trying to determine if it is even financially possible for them to have a divorce. Despite the financial difficulties divorce can bring, money concerns […]

Dividing the home in a divorce

When a couple seeks a divorce there are usually two items that are the most concerning for people.  The first is if children are involved in the relationship.  Typically parents are concerned with parental right issues regarding where the children will primarily live and how visitation will be established.  The second-largest concern is in regard to the […]

What can I do if my spouse hid marital assets?

Family courts are here to help pick up the pieces after a marriage has ended.  Although it is usually difficult, the goal is to mitigate the impact a divorce has on the lives of those affected.  For this to happen, marital assets and debts must be evenly distributed.  We would like to believe that both parties are […]