How to Have a Successful Adoption?

Adopting a child is an emotionally and physically demanding process. The process often requires legal work that can be difficult to manage independently. An experienced attorney specializing in adoption law can help you navigate the legal process of becoming a parent to a child. A reasonable attorney can help ensure a smoother, faster experience. An […]

Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption and Then Change Your Mind?

Adoption is a big decision. It can be a fantastic thing for a child who needs a loving home, or it can be the best decision for a parent unable to care for their child. But what happens when parents change their minds after putting their child up for adoption? Can they take them back? […]

Should I Adopt My Stepchildren?

As culture changes, so will society and what an American family looks like in 2020. Divorce has become more common, understood, and accepted by communities. Fortunately, this means the shame and stigma that accompanied a marriage ending is no longer relevant. People are finding themselves free to leave bad relationships and explore new ways to find […]

Things to Consider with Stepparent Adoption in Utah

The idea of a “traditional” family unit has been changing for a long time now.  People have found that by being adaptive and accepting of change, they can pursue what makes them and others truly happy.  For example, blended families have become more popular and commonplace as people build a new life after a divorce.  In […]

How step-parent adoption works in Utah

Modern families are more complicated, blended and extended than they have ever been.  Some people find themselves in situations where letting go opens them up for new opportunities and love.  This can mean finding someone new after a divorce and falling in love with the right person for you.  As relationships grow, so does the […]

Everything a Step Parent Needs to Know about Adopting a Child

In many family dynamics, a stepparent can have a large impact on the lives of the biological children of their spouse.  However, step-parents often face unforeseen hurdles when building a relationship with the children from a previous divorce.  When things go correctly the step-parent and the children can build a meaningful, loving connection.  Some parents […]

Start the New Year Right With a Shared Custody Schedule

Divorced parents often have trouble deciding on custody arrangements. In shared custody, both of you will have a say on how your children are cared for, raised, and educated. However, when it comes to the time spent with each parent, there are no hard and fast rules. To help simplify your arrangements, here are some sample […]

How Can Meditation Help You During a Divorce?

Divorce can leave us feeling lost, abandoned, hopeless, or just plain angry. We don’t know where to start when it’s time to release tension, refocus our minds, and somehow find peace. How Can Meditation Help? You may wonder how can mediation help? It’s a fantastic way to get back on track. You can clear your […]

How You Can Officially Adopt Your Stepchild

As the step-parent of a child, you likely understand just how important your role in their lives is. From providing emotional and physical support to creating new experiences and building a new relationship, having a stepchild can be life-changing. If you want to join the thousands of other step-parents who officially adopt stepchildren, it’s important […]