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Divorce can leave us feeling lost, abandoned, hopeless, or just plain angry. We don’t know where to start when it’s time to release tension, refocus our minds, and somehow find peace.

How Can Meditation Help?

You may wonder how can mediation help? It’s a fantastic way to get back on track. You can clear your head of garbage and learn to replace it with a feeling of peace or an inspiring mantra. All you need is a quiet space and a few minutes a day.

Do I need a mantra? Where do I find one?

A common misconception about meditation is that you’ll be sitting cross-legged chanting “om” for hours, or repeating a corny phrase. The truth is, meditation is a very personal process. If you don’t want to use a mantra, or haven’t found the right one yet, simply focus on your breathing. Feel your lungs as they fill with air and imagine the tension leaving your body as you exhale.

However, choosing a mantra is also highly beneficial. There are two ways to get rid of a negative thought. One is to change the words into something positive. For example, changing “I can’t do this,” to “I can’t do this yet.” The second way is to replace the negative thought altogether. It will be easier to push the thought out of your mind if you’ve already decided what to put in its place.

Choose a phrase that has personal meaning to you. It can come from anywhere. It can be from a prayer, religious material, a song, a poem, or a quote. It is helpful to start with something fairly short and easy to remember.

How do I meditate?

Find a place you can sit and not be interrupted. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly and purposefully and notice your breathing. Think of your mantra (if you’d like) and incorporate it into the rhythm of your breath. Try to get to at least five to ten minutes a day and work up to 25 to 30 minutes. You could also meditate twice a day for a few minutes at a time or while going for a walk (just don’t close your eyes).

Most importantly, make it a habit. Schedule a time during your day so that you don’t forget. The more often you meditate, the more you will see the benefits.

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