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At Burton Attorneys at Law, we have chosen to focus on only family-related matters.

Although we have chosen this area of practice and excel at it, we have been asked: “Why family law?” We find joy in helping our clients with their family law matters. We feel a sense of accomplishment in helping people through some of the most difficult situations of their lives. We know how important our families are to us, and we know your family is the top priority in your world as well. We understand the realm of family law can be confusing, emotional, and downright difficult. That’s why we choose to guide you through the process.

Our staff is compassionate and helpful, and our attorneys are knowledgeable and result driven. We have families of our own, and we understand the important role of being a parent. Some of our staff members have even been through custody situations and understand the challenges involved with such.

We support saving a marriage and sparing a family if there is a healthy marriage to be saved. We encourage couples to find effective tools to help them reconcile if there is a possibility of a happy, healthy marriage. We’ve worked with counselors to establish resources for marriage and personal counseling. We support happy healthy families.

That’s why our managing attorney, Kenneth W. Burton, has chosen to speak at this year’s Northern Utah Marriage Celebration. The event will be held Friday, February 19, 2016, from 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The event is held at Weber State University and is sure to provide you with ideas to strengthen your relationships.

The event features dozens of speakers and workshops. Courses such as “Help Your Marriage Thrive and Stay Out of the Courtroom” and “The Next Step: Stepping On or Over the Obstacles of Blending Families”. It’s sure to be a good time with comedian Jason Hewlett presenting.

We invite you to come and participate in this event to help nourish your marriage and benefit your family. Get your tickets here!

Ultimately, we want the best situation for your family. If that is attempting reconciliation, we wish you all the best and hope for your success. In the event what’s best for your family is divorce, let Burton Law guide you through the process and relieve some of your burdens.

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