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This is the fourth part on our series of questions that may be relevant to your divorce case during your initial consultation.   These are questions that are typically asked, or areas that are often confusing to newcomers to family law matters.  Part I, Part II and Part III are currently available online.  The final piece of this 5-part series will be released in just a few days.  We invite you to read the article below as well as others on our site to better prepare yourself for your initial meeting.

Question 4: What is mediation, and should I consider it?

Generally, family law courts will require both parties to attend and participate in alternative resolutions before trial.  This is usually handled by way of a mediation or settlement conference.  The main purpose to is see if a relatively easier and faster agreement can be made without going through the family law court system.  So mediation may be required at some point during your case, but is not typically required at the beginning or middle of the process.  However, it may be advantageous to consider an early mediation should that option fit your needs.

Is certain situations mediation can be a great way to truncate a potentially slow and frustrating divorce process.  If both parties agree to attend a mediation early on it can avoid future costs and efforts should the mediation be successful.  It may be advantageous to see if early mediation is an option in your case, and what that may look like should you choose to do so.

How mediation can help your case

Experienced divorce attorneys will be able to explain the process and help you understand what mediation will be like.  Many people choose to have their lawyer present with them during mediation, you can also discuss that option as well.  Talk with your attorney regarding methods they can help you in the mediation procedure, while also preserving your valuable resources. Some clients select to go to mediation (though we prepare them for the procedure) on their own as well as merely sign in with the firm prior to the sign any kind of settlement contract on the populated line.

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