With a fresh year approaching you are probably considering many resolutions. If one of those goals is a modification to your decree, we can help. People feel the need to modify their decree for many different reasons, here are a few examples:

  • You or your ex have had a significant change in income.
  • You or your ex is looking to relocate.
  • You feel there are changes that would be more beneficial for the child(ren).

Sometimes your children may have “out grown” your decree and you may need to make updates to reflect their current circumstances. Modifications of court orders can sometimes be legally complex and hard to understand. Sometimes the order itself will dictate if and how an order may be modified. Often, discussion and mediation between the parties is a pre-requisite before a petition to modify may be filed. If mediation is required, we can attend with you to make sure your interests are protected.

Whatever the case may be, the facts and the law should be carefully weighed before a party decides to ask the court for a modification of a decree. At Burton Attorneys at Law, we’ve handled countless modifications. If you are ready to ring in the new year with a new decree, start by contacting us today to set up a review.

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