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Think back about how you felt when you were first getting married.  As a hopeful couple with lots of great plans ahead, you probably never thought divorce would be in the future.  However, time can surprise us and relationships can change for the worse.  It may come to a point where issues between the married couple are too vast and a divorce is the best option for everyone.  Despite feeling that this is the best course of action, it does not mean that it will be an easy road.  Going through a legal separation is not an isolated incident.  Stress and ramifications of an ending relationship usually affect many aspects of our lives.  From where we will be living, to who gets to keep what marital property.  One area that is commonly affected is our jobs and careers.  Below are some items you may want to consider if you are going through or considering a divorce.

Don’t let a stressful divorce affect your career

Hopefully, you are part of a workplace culture that is going to be sympathetic to what you are going through.  It is important to try and asses how you are feeling and how well you will be able to focus on the tasks associated with your job.  If you feel as though you need some time to process the divorce, perhaps getting a reprieve from work is best.  Think about any vacation of PTO you may have accumulated.  It may be best to take some time to get your emotions under control and refocus your mind.  If it all possible taking a short to long-term break can be highly beneficial when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation in your personal life.

The divorce process can also pull you away from work.  This includes meeting with attorneys and attending any mandatory court hearings.  We recommend getting a schedule of upcoming dates and ensuring that you can get this time off from work.  Doing so will help your employer know when you are going to be absent so the proper steps can be taken.

Remember the little things

Divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through in life.  This is typically a mentally trying time filled with heartbreak and confusion.  It is important to be mindful that people can tend to “let themselves go” during this time.  To battle, depression and negative thoughts do what you can to combat feeling down.  This can include doing things that make you happy, spending time with loved ones, eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.  Although it may be difficult to do, the sooner you can start feeling normal again the less impact a divorce will have on your life.

Many people find it helpful to decide what they are going to tell people when they inquire about what is going on.  Casual workplace friends and colleges may ask how things are going or other general questions about your divorce.  It is usually a good idea to not divulge too much information.  Letting others know details about your personal life can make things difficult and can cause distractions in the workplace.  You may want to prepare a general statement about what is happening.  Use language that can be repeated without triggering emotions while you are at work.

Speak with a divorce attorney

Along with the above-mentioned recommendations it is important to your success that you don’t feel all alone.  If you are considering a divorce or have had papers served, consider call Burton Family Attorneys at (801) 393-1106 or schedule a consultation on our contact page.

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