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Most Utahns think they can save a lot of money if they represent themselves in court instead of hiring an expert divorce attorney. On paper, it’s true. However, it is likely that a DIY divorce will end up costing more in the long run. Below are some reasons why you would spend more money on a divorce if you choose to represent yourself.

Legal Rights You’re Not Even Aware Of

So, it’s a given that if you represent yourself, you don’t have to pay any attorney fees throughout the divorce process. In extremely rare cases (simple, uncontested divorce) people do get away with representing themselves. However, many divorces that start out simple are not guaranteed to remain simple throughout the entire process. The complexity can leave them unaware of the legal rights they have in a divorce, ending up spending more money on spousal support or even agreeing to an unfair split of assets.

More often than not, people who represent themselves in a divorce often are not fully aware of their full rights and end up forgetting them in the process, in turn, leading to a less favorable outcome.

Grieving While Representing Yourself

Even if you appear calm, divorce is an extremely emotional time. Almost all parties getting a divorce experience the same grief as losing a loved one. The legal divorce process is a prolonged emotional strain and could cloud a party’s judgment.

Going into a divorce court to represent yourself while in this condition is a sure way to self-sabotage the likelihood of achieving a good outcome for you. 

An Attorney will Legally Protect Your Rights and Interests

Representing yourself in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) divorce is more likely to cost a lot more overall than you would have paid for if you had your own lawyer. An attorney knows how to defend ALL of your rights FULLY and is aware of how the court system works to do so.

You Need A Divorce Lawyer

Most people think that a divorce lawyer is simply a third-party negotiation tool used to avoid their ex. This isn’t entirely wrong, but with a lawyer, you can firmly assert your position on all the complex points of your case and achieve the outcome that you were hoping for. 

Hire an Expert Utah Family Law Attorney

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