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If you are entering a divorce, it may feel quite overwhelming, especially if you take into account the cost of a divorce. Sometimes, the idea of filing for a divorce on your own sounds promising and affordable. However, this isn’t always the case, as a DIY (“Do It Yourself”) divorce could end up costing you more money on the long run. Our expert divorce attorneys have compiled a list of reasons why.

Assets May Not Be Divided Properly

In a divorce, the first step is usually to divide property and assets. While the most obvious assets are things like the family home, vehicles, and personal items, there are many assets that are overlooked. 

Some of these assets can include; old savings account, open tax accounts, retirement, and much more is in play when diving assets. If some of these assets are not properly accounted for, then complications can arise even after the divorce has been finalized. Once your divorce orders have been made, the court may not be able to change the terms in the future.

Forgetting Custody Details

If there are children involved in a divorce, parents often struggle to agree on how to raise their children separately. The hardest events to split up for parents are: holidays, school schedules, weekends, trips, activities, and more. The lack of attention to these details can lead to frustration and turn into contentious fights between the parents. If it comes to this, the child custody agreement will not be created on good terms and compromise. To ensure that you are not forgetting details, like what to do if a parent moves out-of-state, you will need a trusted Utah divorce lawyer on your side.

Spousal Support and Child Support Issues 

Disagreements involving money can quickly escalate into fights between separating spouses. It is uncommon for separating spouses to have a similar opinion about what is a fair or necessary payment for child support and/or alimony payments. If there’s not a detailed agreement in place, your divorce may drag on for years. Seek the services of a local professional attorney, as they will have the skills to provide a quick and fair settlement.

High Conflict Divorce

Unfortunately, it’s more common than not to have a contentionous divorce in Utah. Both parties usually struggle to come to an amicable settlement regarding their divorce matters. When this happens, it is easy for the divorce process to go on for far longer than necessary or anticipated. This is horrible, as it can leave both parties physically and mentally exhausted by the end of it. Don’t force yourself to be put into such a highly stressful situation, hire an attorney that can alleviate the stress of divorce.

Legal Professionals That Can Help

If you are in need of protection for what is in your best interest during your divorce, contact Burton Family Law Firm for a free consultation today. Let us handle the stressful complexities of divorce, so you and your children can focus on transitioning into your new life.

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