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It’s not uncommon for a client or potential client to ask what our firm’s success rate is. While this isn’t an obscure question, it can be a difficult one to answer. Some areas of law lend more to a discussion of wins and losses, i.e. criminal law or contract law. In family law, on the other hand, success is often measured by a different standard.

It’s reasonable to want an understanding of what your attorney can deliver. After all, you probably haven’t had to hire an attorney before and that can make for an unfamiliar and stressful situation. But let’s take a look at what’s on the line value-wise with a divorce.

Big Life Decisions

A divorce is bigger than the purchase of your home (and your vacation home), your vehicles, your children, your bank accounts, your debt, your retirement, etc. A divorce is bigger than all of it because it encompasses all of it and more. A divorce is not only a division of your assets and a dissolution of your marriage. It’s pulling apart years of your life and reconstructing them into your future. There is a lot at risk when undergoing a divorce and that needs to be well understood and strategically addressed.

Occasionally, an attorney on a family law matter will win “hands down,” a “slam dunk” if you will. We’ve had more than a few of those, however, often at the end of a case there will be a mixed bag of results because there are many issues on the line and the resolution of a divorce will regularly require concessions and compromise by both parties, especially if you want to stay out of court.

Winning With Mediation

Mediation is a platform that allows parties to negotiate terms of settlement outside of a court setting with the help of a trained mediator. Many of our cases are resolved at mediation and frankly, in most instances, we consider this a win. Nonetheless, we recognize when a negotiation doesn’t look like a fair deal.

On occasion, a party simply won’t compromise to reach a resolution, despite one party’s every effort. In such event, the matter may have to be decided by the judge in court. At trial, judges hear all the admissible evidence and apply the applicable law to the facts at hand. We regularly attend trials and feel we are successful at reaching our client goals at trial. However, attending trial has its risks and may also result in a mixed bag of results.

In the end, family law is not an area that can simply have a percentage of wins easily calculated because there are so many factors that go into a case that can’t be measured. Be careful at aiming for a winner/loser dynamic in your case, you may sacrifice valuable settlement opportunities. A good family law resolution will involve many considerations, and often a win may not fully be realized until years down the road.

If you are considering divorce in Utah, contact Burton Law Firm. Family law is all we do, and we want to help you in your case.

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