Spending Time Together as a Family

Have you heard of the series of little skits entitled SGN (Some Good News) done by actor John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)?  John Krasinski felt the world needs some good vibes during this difficult time, and we tend to agree.  Consequently,  this article is not going to address the increased divorce rate or domestic […]

How is Child Support Calculated in Utah?

Divorce can be such a traumatic time for a family, especially when children are involved.  In an effort to help lessen this impact, both parents will want to consider what is best for their children and consider ways to help minimize change to the schedule, lifestyle, and habits.  One consideration is child support.  How is […]

Child Custody Issue During COVID-19

The COVID-19 stay at home order has gone and people are now rampant and raiding all their favorite hangouts. Social distancing is now basically nonexistent and even though most businesses ask for people to wear masks, there are still a lot of people not wearing masks, some of these even being the employees themselves. So […]

Temporary Parenting Plans are Important

In case you’re a parent who is petitioning for legal separation, it’s imperative to get a temporary parenting arrangement set up. Truth be told, an impermanent parenting plan is fundamental with regards to ensuring your inclinations and saving your privileges as a parent. What’s a Temporary Parenting Plan? Like other impermanent requests, Temporary Parenting Plan […]

Same-Sex Divorces may Have its Challenges

Giving same-sex couples the option to wed has brought about individuals from the LGBTQ people group in Utah and the nation over accessing benefits that have consistently been anything but difficult to access for straight couples. This has likewise implied that LGBTQ couples have someone of kind difficulties to explore when their relationships end. With […]