Have you heard of the series of little skits entitled SGN (Some Good News) done by actor John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)?  John Krasinski felt the world needs some good vibes during this difficult time, and we tend to agree.  Consequently,  this article is not going to address the increased divorce rate or domestic issues during this pandemic.  Rather, we wrote this article to concentrate on ideas or concepts that may encourage your family to spend quality time together and bond.

In looking at www.adventhealth.com, they recommend the following:

Dine as a Family
For starters, make and share meals together when possible. Set family dates for meals together several times a week. The benefits of family meals (with no electronics at the table) are significant and include not only opportunities for bonding but also a lower risk of obesity and more nutritious food choices.

Schedule Fun Time as a Family
Do you already have a family game night or other fun activities that your family does together? If not, now’s the time to start. Schedule an evening (or several) to do puzzles, play board or card games, or watch movies as a family. If you’re able to get outside, take a family walk or bike ride.

Just the other night, our family got together and watched old family videos.  The laughs and memories were wonderful and allowed all of us a little escape from every day worries.

Apps and other technology offer ways to stay connected with those outside the home. But each day of the week also provides opportunities for meaningful moments with family at home, said Nicole McAninch, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of child and family studies at Baylor, who co-directs the Intentional Family Project with Melton. Some ideas:

  • Dust off the board games.
  • Teach your kids a family recipe.
  • Have a family dance party.
  • Play a video game as a family.
  • Have a family movie night.

Apartmentguide.com had many fun suggestions, which included

  • Planting a garden
  • Have a family sing-a-long
  • Do a stay-at-home movie or date night
  • Have a virtual playdate
  • Plan a scavenger hunt
  • Create a craft station

No matter what you do, remember to have patience with one another and that everyone needs a little more love and compassion, especially now.

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