What if my spouse won’t sign divorce papers?


Each and every divorce has its own unique set of circumstances.  In some cases, one spouse may try to avoid the issue altogether.  Let’s say hypothetically you have filed all of your divorce paperwork, but your spouse refuses to sign.  This can happen in a few ways.  Examples include simply ignoring the paperwork, refusing to […]

Understanding Modification Cases in Utah


Modification litigation is a fairly common form of family law issues on court dockets.  In Utah, they happen almost as frequently as divorce cases or paternity.  Let’s take a deeper look at what modifications are looking to achieve, and what you can do if you need to respond to a modification case. What are family law […]

How is Spousal Support Calculated?


Spousal support is essentially the same term as alimony, although that is a somewhat antiquated term.  In Utah, awarding spousal support is determined by the court, and the terms are up to their discretion.  The court will generally request a financial statement from both parties in order to determine several factors.  This includes but is […]

What can I do if my spouse hid marital assets?


Family courts are here to help pick up the pieces after a marriage has ended.  Although it is usually difficult, the goal is to mitigate the impact a divorce has on the lives of those affected.  For this to happen, marital assets and debts must be evenly distributed.  We would like to believe that both parties are […]