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My Divorce is Final: What Do I Do Now?

Your divorce has been finalized. It may have been a long, emotionally draining process. Now that it’s over you may not be sure what to do with your time and this new chapter of your life. One moment you may feel relief or excitement while at other times feelings of fear and resentment may overwhelm you. […]

What is a Custody Evaluation?

During a case involving custody, if a dispute over custody arises or if the parents have serious concerns about the other party’s ability to parent, a custody evaluation may be necessary. Custody evaluations, or parenting evaluations as they are sometimes called, are often court-appointed, but can also be requested by either party. Good Information is Critical […]

What Counts as Neglect?

For some it may not be new to you, for your child to return from a stay with your ex, in less than perfect condition. Maybe their hair is a mess, and a few things missing like their socks or sandals. They haven’t brushed their teeth the entire weekend that they were gone. Questions flood […]

Who Gets What In a Divorce?

During your divorce, you may wonder who gets what? How are premarital and marital assets divided? Division of Assets – A Rule of Thumb The general rule and there are always some exceptions, is that anything acquired during the marriage is marital property. General speaking, the division date for marital property is the date of entry of the […]