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What is the waiting period for divorce in Utah?

When considering a divorce, it is important to understand the waiting period in your state. In Utah, the waiting period is 90 days. This means that you must live separate and apart from your spouse for 90 days before the divorce can be finalized. During this time, you are encouraged to consult with an attorney […]

Before Divorce: The Mandatory 90-Day Waiting Period

There really is a waiting period to get divorced in Utah. Although it can seem frustrating feeling like you are trapped in a marriage longer than you’d like to be, the court believes there is good reason for this law. Many of our clients have expressed confusion at the waiting period, so we decided to dig […]

Waiting Until Children are Older to Divorce

It may seem better to wait until your children are older to divorce.  You may think it’s more difficult for them to understand at a young age and that they will have the ability to better cope with the situation once they are older.  Some couples choose to wait until all of their children are legal […]