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Planning For A Divorce In Utah

Divorce may be one the most emotional things you can go through next to someone you love dying. Suddenly everything you have known for maybe years will be torn apart. Your home, your possessions, and worse, your children will have to suffer. Making the painful decision to get a divorce is very difficult, but sometimes there […]

The Dangers of Facebook in Child Custody Battles

Facebook has completely changed the way we share information, in both positive and negative ways.  It has allowed people to stay connected with old friends, but it has also allowed others to obtain information about us that we didn’t intend.  One area in which we are seeing the potential negative side effects of social media involves child custody. […]

Bankruptcy in Divorce

When viewing your debt obligations contained in a divorce decree, you may be able to discharge your liability to your creditors, because they will never know that your obligations were contained in a divorce decree, but your liability to your ex-spouse will never go away. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have a great deal of […]

How to Divide Property in a Divorce?

A question often posed of divorce attorneys in Utah is “How do we divide the property?”  Most property which a husband and wife accumulate during their marriage is considered marital property and, thus, needs to be divided in a divorce decree.  However, some property is considered non-marital, meaning it belongs to one spouse but not the other. Property can […]