How to Handle Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex

Sometimes marriages end on mutual terms and relatively free from drama.  In ideal situations, people can obtain a divorce cordially.  Perhaps being able to walk away wishing the best for their ex-spouse.  In other cases, divorce can be an ugly thing filled with anger and resentment.  This type of situation can extremely difficult when the […]

Everything a Step Parent Needs to Know about Adopting a Child

In many family dynamics, a stepparent can have a large impact on the lives of the biological children of their spouse.  However, step-parents often face unforeseen hurdles when building a relationship with the children from a previous divorce.  When things go correctly the step-parent and the children can build a meaningful, loving connection.  Some parents […]

How to Handle Religious Differences with Your Ex-Spouse

Even if you and your spouse maintained the same religious views while you were married, often times after divorce your ideas may drift apart. This can cause contention in a co-parenting relationship as you may end up on opposing ends of the religious spectrum. Tension may grow as you both try to parent in accordance with what […]