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How Can a Lawyer Help with Child Support?

A family court experience can be a trying time. Ease your burden by working with a child support attorney if support becomes an issue. Child support negotiations can be complicated enough, and high emotion can lead to unproductive meetings and poor decisions. Your child support attorney can represent the best interests of your family in a calm, professional, and […]

A Father’s Paternity Rights Explained

According to a Pew Research Center study on the rise of new family types, 41 percent of children today are born to unwed parents. This means many unwed parents are dealing with legal issues like visitation rights, custody, child support, and more. Courts presume that children benefit from having strong relationships with both parents, so unwed fathers […]

Signs you are in an abusive relationship

Before we begin we want to bring a few items to light.  The first is that this is an emotional and touchy subject.  Secondly, we are a law firm, not a therapist or couple counseling center.  This means that we are not trying to give relationship advice, rather our goal is simple, to help you […]