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How Divorced Parents Plan Summer Vacations

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for parents to reconnect with their children – if only they could agree on activities and vacations! With the divorce rate in America still hovering around 50%, many families with young children face this challenge. Parents must work together to reach an agreement that works best for everyone involved when […]

How Having a Child can affect Your Marriage

It should go without saying that having a child together is one of the most challenging and rewarding things a couple can do together.  Whether having a child was planned, or a happy surprise, new parents are in for obstacles they could never have imagined.  Many people report that having a child, or several children […]

Getting Divorced: How to Break the News to Your Parents

If divorce is the right choice for you, there may be a number of difficult conversations you will need to have. Most people immediately think of the dreaded talk with their children, but an often overlooked conversation is approaching this topic with parents. Everyone will have a different approach: perhaps your parents have been happily married for years, […]