How Parents can Share Visitation During COVID-19


This coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing; some medical professionals say that we should expect more cases in the coming months. While most a hopeful for the new vaccinations, many understand that it will not be readily accessible to the general population for quite some time. COVID-19 has resulted in a sudden disruption to everyday life […]

Child Custody Issue During COVID-19


The COVID-19 stay at home order has gone and people are now rampant and raiding all their favorite hangouts. Social distancing is now basically nonexistent and even though most businesses ask for people to wear masks, there are still a lot of people not wearing masks, some of these even being the employees themselves. So […]

Temporary Parenting Plans are Important


In case you’re a parent who is petitioning for legal separation, it’s imperative to get a temporary parenting arrangement set up. Truth be told, an impermanent parenting plan is fundamental with regards to ensuring your inclinations and saving your privileges as a parent. What’s a Temporary Parenting Plan? Like other impermanent requests, Temporary Parenting Plan […]

Custody Cases in Utah with a Criminal Record


Having criminal charges on a person’s record can bring many unique challenges to someone’s life.  For those who have a record, or know someone who does, you are probably familiar with the obstacles a felony or misdemeanor can bring, even after that person has served time or paid fines as part of their punishment.  For […]

Establishing Paternity in Utah: Why it Matters.


In legal terms, paternity simply means establishing who the legal father of a child is.  Most fathers understand the immediate bond that is formed with a child as soon as they are born.  However, this bond and the legal rights that accompany them may not be established right away given certain situations.  For example, if a man […]

Things To Avoid When Co-Parenting


Co-parenting can be a difficult undertaking. This video provides examples of what kind of behaviors to avoid in order to provide the best situation for you and your children. Video Transcript: Title: Things to avoid when co-parenting How to Stop the Cycle of Negative Co-Parenting Is your co-parenting beginning to feel like an impossible battle? […]

How To Co-Parent Like A Super Hero


We know how tough co-parenting can be. This video will give you important tips to follow so that you can co-parent to the best of your ability. Video Transcript: Title: How to Co-Parent Like A Super Hero Be dependable with taking your parent time, but be ready to be flexible when necessary. Support your fellow […]

What are Temporary Orders?


This video will help you to better understand the purpose of temporary orders and what to expect if you decide to pursue them. Video Transcript: Title: A Guide to Temporary Order What are Temporary Orders? How do I know if I need them? Often, your final orders take time, leaving you feeling confused and stranded […]

How will a criminal conviction affect my custody case?


Family courts have traditionally been charged to make a decision that will be in the best interest of the child or children.  This means that they have a lot of discretion and power in child custody cases.  When parents become ex-spouses it can sometimes be difficult to establish where the child is going to live, […]

Help Your Children to Live in Two Homes After a Divorce


One of the most difficult challenges for children after a divorce can be getting used to living in two different homes.  This sometimes scary and confusing change can be made easier when parents help their kids make the transition.  One of the most important things to remember is that you want to instill a sense […]