How To Co-Parent Like A Super Hero

We know how tough co-parenting can be. This video will give you important tips to follow so that you can co-parent to the best of your ability. Video Transcript: Title: How to Co-Parent Like A Super Hero Be dependable with taking your parent time, but be ready to be flexible when necessary. Support your fellow […]

How to Co-Parent Successfully

Good co-parenting requires both parties to have their children’s best interest in mind. It’s not just avoiding mistakes like those listed in the previous article, but also being committed to supporting your children and being unified as parents even though you are no longer together. Dr. Phil has made some suggestions for good co-parenting: Sit down with your ex […]

How NOT to Co-Parent

Co-parenting can be a difficult adjustment, for both yourself and your children. You may still be emotional about the split, and it can be difficult to not let those emotions get in the way of your ability to co-parent. As tempting as it may be to have your children take sides or do things to get […]