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Working in the family law industry is a bittersweet endeavor. On the one hand, it is difficult to see people faced with stress, heartbreak, and uncertainty. At the same time, it is rewarding to know that we are helping people take the correct steps to better their life in the long run. When couples get married, they believe this union will last a lifetime. Despite our best efforts, divorce is a common outcome for many relationships in Utah. Ending a marriage can be lonely, confusing, and emotionally draining. It will not be easy, but there are ways you can prepare yourself to help make the process go smoother.

Prepare your Support Circle

A divorce is a life-changing event, especially if you have children involved. It can be a daunting choice, and the “right” decision can seem challenging to form. Regardless of your situation, the more support you have, this transition will be easier. It is usually a good idea to reach out to trusted friends and family members. They should be able to show their support while they provide comfort. People fortunate enough to have a close circle may find themselves in a place where they are offered more direct assistance. This could be something as simple as a trusted person to live to or a place to stay while you make a new life plan.  

Make Lists and Prepare Documents 

Even if a divorce is relatively straightforward and uncontested, many pieces of information still need to be gathered. Try to consider items that will be helpful and relevant to your marriage and begin gathering those materials. This can be anything and everything that helps establish your assets, marital property, and the situations surrounding your partnership and soon-to-be ex-partner. This includes photographs, journal entries, emails, voicemails, paperwork, bills, titles to vehicles, and more. It is challenging to gather documentation for your life and assets, but the more proof you can pick, your family law attorney will be able to fight for your rights. It may be necessary to gather these materials before making your divorce intentions known. This is especially the case if you believe your spouse will try to hide assets or will try to create obstacles making divorce harder to achieve.  

Protect Yourself and Your Children

As we said above, divorce is a challenging process that will test you in many ways. This stress, loss of control, and uncertain future will affect you and your ex-partner as well. When people feel like they are losing control, they can sometimes act irrationally and make hasty or dangerous decisions. You must try to anticipate unique concerns in your situations and address those concerns accordingly. This can be financial concerns to concerns about your safety in general. Below is a quick list of items you should consider and address.  

Your Banking:  Depending on your situation, you may need to protect your personal finances. This can include setting up your bank account and ensuring that you have access to those funds.  

Your Credit: It is vital that you try to gather and collect all mutual accounts, credit cards, etc. Getting a new credit card or removing your ex-partner from specific accounts may be suitable.  

Your Living Situation:  Do you have a marital home? Do you share a rental? Are both of you signers on the lease? These factors will determine who lives where the divorce proceeding begins. Regardless, you don’t want where you will sleep, shower, and keep your items to be a mystery. Do your best to establish these details as soon as you have decided you will be seeking a divorce.  

Speak to a Family Law Firm

This article is designed to get you thinking about the numerous items considered during a divorce. Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you are seeking to get a divorce in Utah, we invite you to contact our law office to learn more. Even if you suspect that your divorce is mutual and there will be no fighting, speaking with an attorney can be beneficial.  

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