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Madison Teske

Madison Teske, a woman with long brown hair, wearing a white cardigan


Background & Experience

Madi is originally from Idaho, where she attended The College of Eastern Idaho. She serves as the main point of contact at our firm, where she greets each guest at our office with a warm demeanor and a welcoming smile. She has years of customer experience that help to put people at ease in the midst of stressful moments in life. Madi specializes in the onboarding of new clients. She is vital in the initial stages of each case and she works to ensure all necessary steps have been taken to launch our cases in a professional and prompt manner. Madi isn’t afraid to learn something new, and she dives head first into any project she is given with a positive attitude.

Madi enjoys crocheting, watching movies, and reading books in her spare time. She also enjoys taking her dogs out hiking, and loves camping in the beautiful mountains of Utah with her husband.