Communication via text, social media, email and more can have a serious impact on your case. This video will give you several tips and things to be aware of when communicating with an opposing party.

Video Transcript:

Title: Can text messages be used in my divorce case?

The danger of communication in your divorce or custody case.

Your communication can have a lasting impact on your case.

Did you know?

Items such as social media posts, text messages, and emails are often used as evidence in court?

Watch out for potential communication pitfalls that may hurt your case, such as:

  1. Voicemails or Calls with Your Ex.
  2. Emails or Text Messages with Your Ex.

Photos, comments, or posts that don’t positively portray you as a spouse or parent.

(Posting photos of yourself in Hawaii when you are behind on paying your ex-child support.)

Text Messages that are accusatory or create unnecessary conflict.

(Name-calling in a text message argument with the other party.)

Did you send your ex a scathing email expressing what an awful parent you feel they are?

Did you leave your ex a voicemail apologizing for forgetting to pick up the kids?

How would you feel if the Judge was reading through any of your communications?

Stop and consider if what you are about to send, or post could hurt your case.

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