Divorce is an experience that has its ups and downs. However, there’s no reason to dwell in a rollercoaster of negative emotions throughout the break-up. Our attorneys at Best Utah Attorneys have compiled a list of strategies you can use to protect your feelings and yourself. 

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is one of the essential parts of healing through and after a divorce. Become proactive and driven to take all actions to stay well. If you do not know what works for you, try exposing yourself to different things/activities.

Set some time aside (at least an hour) to engage in an activity that would help you feel better. We recommend exercising a couple of times per week. Try to eat healthier foods to help drive energy and overall physical health and fend off negative emotions. 

When going through stressful and tiresome times, make sure to get plenty of rest so you can feel alert and recuperated every day. 

Mitigate Financial Stress

Anyone can experience financial setbacks during and after a divorce. Though, especially when there is a financial gap between the divorcing spouses’ income. It’s crucial to get the reins of your finances to reduce the risk of financial struggle after your divorce.

Carefully analyze your monthly income and expenses. Create a budget that you can follow and work on building up your credit score. Refrain from making impulsive financial decisions during the divorce. Speak to an attorney about whether you qualify for spousal support and if it is realistic to pursue. 

Build Your Support System

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. You may find more people than you think (like friends and family) are willing to go the extra mile to help you cope with these overwhelming times. 

It’s imperative to tap into your support network during a divorce. It’s impossible to deduce that your loved ones will intuitively know that you need support, so take a chance and be open with your struggles with them. If you need something to cope, ask for it. 

Seek Legal Advice

Like mentioned before, it’s essential to have someone on your corner, that will defend you and stand up for what you want and need. Having support from an attorney can help alleviate the stressful tendencies of a divorce. Divorce is a complex process, and having the assistance of a lawyer is a huge asset, as they can provide clarity to your every doubt or question.

If you’re contemplating going through a divorce, contact our experienced family law attorneys here at Burton Law Firm. When you call, you can schedule a free consultation so our lawyers can give you all the legal guidance you need. 

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