My Divorce is Final: What Do I Do Now?


Your divorce has been finalized. It may have been a long, emotionally draining process. Now that it’s over you may not be sure what to do with your time and this new chapter of your life. One moment you may feel relief or excitement while at other times feelings of fear and resentment may overwhelm you. […]

Co-Parenting With a Ghost


Parenting with a co-parent that’s scarcely there can be downright spooky, possibly making you like a single parent. So how do you handle co-parenting with a ghost? Here are some tips to keep you and your children grounded, even if you ex floats in and out of the picture. Encourage Time Though the time your ex is […]

Filing First: Is There a Benefit to Being the Petitioner?


The person who makes the initial filing in a Utah divorce is called the petitioner, and from that point in the legal proceedings, they are referred to by that title. The responding party is referred to as the respondent. Often times in a divorce, both parties know their marriage is headed for demise. This can […]

What Is a “Simple” Utah Divorce?


Often potential clients call and think they just need a quick appointment to understand the basic process of divorce. Phrases like “it’s a simple divorce”, “I don’t want this to go to court, we’ll just keep it civil” and “this should be an easy case” are spoken all too often during initial appointments. Often, parties believe […]