Children’s Bill of Rights


A family law matter can be emotional for all adults involved, but have you ever stopped to think what it’s like for a child? A family law matter can be equally, if not more, overwhelming for a child. It’s important to make sure children going through a matter such as a divorce or custody feels your full […]

Mediation: a Requirement or an Opportunity?


Mediation can be a helpful tool if both parties are willing to give the mediator the opportunity to offer their insight. Mediation has been beneficial in many cases; it can be a resource that can save the parties’ time and money. Too often, mediation is treated more like a requirement, and less like an opportunity to […]

Protecting Your Rights during Legal Separation


Like a divorce, a legal separation, or separate maintenance, as it is called in Utah, provides couples with the opportunity to live apart while dissolving their marital obligations to each other. The main difference between divorce and statutory separation is that the couple is still technically married and unable to remarry until the divorce becomes final. […]

Resolving Child Support Disputes


Disagreements regarding child support and payment issues send millions of cases into the court system every year. Parents may be unable to meet the financial obligations of the divorce decree or, for whatever reason, they may refuse to comply with the original court order. When child support issues arise, parents can reach an agreement through the courts […]