Step Parent Adoption Attorney in Ogden, Utah

Over time, step parents often develop a strong bond of love and affection with a step child. As a loving figure in a step child’s life, it may be in everyone’s best interests for a parents kissing daughterstep parent to seek an adoption and make the relationship legal.

Step parent adoption can help create equality in a family. Sometimes, step parent adoption can provide relief to common issues that occur in blended families, such as giving your children a common status with both parents, or having  the children see each other as equals. A step parent adoption can provide a sense of affection and commitment that can make a long lasting impression on a family. A child adopted by a step parent may be able to have a feeling of emotional security that can’t be provided any other way.

In some situations, the biological parent may be deceased. In other situations, the biological parent may have relinquished his or her rights, or may not be in the position to be a suitable parent. If something were to happen to a step parent’s spouse, and his or her step child has not been adopted, it could create conflict and legal difficulties as the court is left to decide who will be the guardian, often turning to the biological parent or other biological relatives who may not have developed a strong bond with the child.

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