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Paternity Disputes & Fathers’ Rights

When it comes to becoming a parent, the situations that surround men and women are drastically different. Father holding daughter kissing him at beach smilingDetermining the identity of a child’s father is not always easy. In some cases, men deny allegations of fathering a child. On the other hand, there are also cases where they are denied as being the father by the biological mother, which can be equally stressful.

Because of the overall complexity surrounding paternal issues, not all men respond in a uniform fashion to being identified, or denied, as the father. Some men would dispute the allegations while others would strongly assert their parental rights when denied fatherhood. If you find yourself in such a scenario, the best course of action would be to look for legal counsel and representation as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer is one of the most critical things to have when confronted with issues about paternity.

At Burton Law Firm, we have assisted and successfully represented numerous clients dealing with paternity issues, as well as resolving cases involving child support in Utah. Because of our experience dealing with a wide range of paternity-related cases, we can assist clients whether or not they claim to be the father of the child. If needed, we can also provide the necessary legal assistance to help determine the appropriate spousal or child support and also settle custody issues and visitation arrangements.

Establishing and protecting paternity rights is an important part of family law and at Burton Law Firm, we will do everything in our ability to help you, and your loved ones, through this complicated time. Contact us today to know more about your legal options and the best the course of action to take to efficiently tackle paternity conflicts.

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