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Understanding Child Support Issues in Utah

In Utah, by law, every child is entitled to the support of both parents, whether the parents are married or not. Although Utah law provides child support guidelines used by the courts to calculate a parent’s base child support obligation.   There are many child support considerations that need to be determined by parents, including payment of the following: 

  1. Base child support
  2. Medical Insurance Premiums
  3. Medical Expenses 
  4. Child-care expenses
  5. Extracurricular activity expenses

Child support typically continues until a child is 18. Adorable happy kidsUpon petition by either parent, the courts may modify the child support obligations, if there have been significant changes in income or other circumstances. Utah courts generally set base child support according to set statutory guidelines although, in extraordinary circumstances, a court may order a different amount. Sometimes parents may agree to an arrangement for a child support amount that differs from the court guidelines, but the courts must approve their agreement before it becomes an enforceable order of support. The court offers a child support calculator to help you get an idea of where your base child support may range.

Link to child support calculator:

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support can be an emotional issue because it represents a continuing connection with your former spouse. Often times, financial problems and issues exist which also add to the emotional turmoil that surrounds a case. At Burton Attorneys at Law, we can help you understand the support guidelines and ensure your rights are protected, whether you are the person who is required to pay support or the person who receives it.

Child support is one of the most critical, yet sometimes difficult and complex, parts of the divorce or paternity procedure. Because children are often the victims even in the most amicable of legal proceedings, it is important for both parties involved to work toward an agreement for the future of their children. Proper financial support must be provided to the children affected by the divorce while also protecting the interests of the parents.

However, the calculation of child support can often be complex.  Because child support is based on the parties’ incomes, the proper calculation of such income is vital.  Many times income calculation is simple and involves nothing more than obtaining the parties pay records from employment.  However, often a party is underemployed, or even unemployed, despite having worked in the past.  In such cases, it may be proper to impute income so that child support is properly calculated.  Sometimes a party is self employed or employed by a business that provides benefits to the party that should be counted as income.  Income calculation is critical in the calculation of child support and, if not calculated properly, could result in a considerable error determining how much a party should pay.

Child support is sometimes intertwined with custody and may influence the amount of child support paid by a party.  Physical custody arrangements could impact your child support greatly.  Moreover, child support involves other issues, apart from  child support calculated on the child support worksheet.  It may include the division of extracurricular expenses, child care expenses, medical expenses, sharing of school expenses, etc.  Because there are so many factors that play into the calculation of child support, it is crucial that you employ an attorney with experience in determining child support.  The attorneys at Burton Attorneys at Law practice only family law.   We thoroughly understand the issues related to your family, like child support, and can help you avoid the pit falls that could hurt you financially for years.  If you want to feel confident and informed in determining your child support related issue, call Burton Attorneys at Law today for a consult.

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