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Your loved one may reach the point they are unable to physically or emotionally be responsible for their own affairs. It may be they cannot take care of their own physical well-being, GUARDIANSHIPor that they simply cannot take care of their financial affairs.  It is important to make sure your loved one will continue to be cared for even when he or she may not have the ability to do so independently.  If this is the case with your loved one, an appropriate individual made petition the  court to be named as a guardian and/or conservator.  A guardian helps an individual care for their physical well-being while a conservator helps an individual handle their financial affairs.  By appointing a guardian and/or conservator, you are providing your loved one with the assistance of someone who cares in order to help them handle day to day matters and to make important legal decisions. In some situations, multiple guardians or conservators may be appointed.

Providing proof of the individual’s inability to care for their own needs may require an evaluation by a professional.  If the individual does not require a full guardian or conservator, they may appoint one with limited authority. Guardians and conservators may also be assigned to take responsibility for a child in the unfortunate event their primary care givers pass away.

At Burton Attorneys at Law our attorneys focus only on issues surrounding the well being of your family.  We understand the sensitive nature that guardianship and conservatorship matters require and we can help you through the process of appointing the best guardian or conservator to assist with your loved one’s needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment with an attorney to discuss guardianship for your loved one today.

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