Pets and Divorce – What is Utah Law’s Position?


Many families own pets they love dearly and are considered to be a member of the family.  If so, who gets to keep the pet may be an issue that is close to your heart.  Does Utah law treat pets as a member of the family or are they considered to be personal property?  Currently, […]

How To Lower Your Child Support


When a court-ordered child support arrangement becomes hard to fulfill, due to loss of income or any other serious issues, it may become possible to change the agreed-upon payment amounts. Any parent has the ability to petition for a child support modification. Here are some tips you can use to help you modify your child […]

Understanding Child Support in Joint Custody Cases


Child support and custody is usually one of Utah’s most significant and most complex portions of divorce. This is because no two cases are alike, and outcomes depend on various factors. Many parents have assumptions about joint custody and, therefore, child support payments. For example, it may make sense to some to assume that if […]