Establishing Paternity in Utah: Why it Matters.


In legal terms, paternity simply means establishing who the legal father of a child is.  Most fathers understand the immediate bond that is formed with a child as soon as they are born.  However, this bond and the legal rights that accompany them may not be established right away given certain situations.  For example, if a man […]

Can text messages be used in my divorce case?


Communication via text, social media, email and more can have a serious impact on your case. This video will give you several tips and things to be aware of when communicating with an opposing party. Video Transcript: Title: Can text messages be used in my divorce case? The danger of communication in your divorce or […]

Things To Avoid When Co-Parenting


Co-parenting can be a difficult undertaking. This video provides examples of what kind of behaviors to avoid in order to provide the best situation for you and your children. Video Transcript: Title: Things to avoid when co-parenting How to Stop the Cycle of Negative Co-Parenting Is your co-parenting beginning to feel like an impossible battle? […]

How To Co-Parent Like A Super Hero


We know how tough co-parenting can be. This video will give you important tips to follow so that you can co-parent to the best of your ability. Video Transcript: Title: How to Co-Parent Like A Super Hero Be dependable with taking your parent time, but be ready to be flexible when necessary. Support your fellow […]

What do I do with my Decree?


This video outlines important steps to take once you have a divorce or custody decree. Video Transcript: Title: What do I do with my decree? So you have a decree, now what? Know it Read your decree often. Become familiar with the terms outlined in it and abide by them. Keep It Make sure you […]

What are Temporary Orders?


This video will help you to better understand the purpose of temporary orders and what to expect if you decide to pursue them. Video Transcript: Title: A Guide to Temporary Order What are Temporary Orders? How do I know if I need them? Often, your final orders take time, leaving you feeling confused and stranded […]

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Utah?


Over the years of serving the local community, we have found that many people are concerned if there are any benefits to being the first one to file for a divorce.  In a technical sense, it does not truly matter who is the first to file for dissolution.  We say this because the divorce process will […]