Have you ever heard of the phrase “pit bull” attorney?


Perhaps you have heard someone say that they want an attorney who is a “pit bull”.  Undoubtedly when someone says this they mean that they want an attorney who isn’t afraid to fight for their rights.  Images arise in their head of someone going after opposing counsel with an unwavering sense of dedication to their […]

How will a criminal conviction affect my custody case?


Family courts have traditionally been charged to make a decision that will be in the best interest of the child or children.  This means that they have a lot of discretion and power in child custody cases.  When parents become ex-spouses it can sometimes be difficult to establish where the child is going to live, […]

Utah Residents Cite the Most Common Reasons for a Divorce


Utah residents cite the most common reasons for a divorce Whether you have been married and in a relationship for just a few years, or decades you know that couples can have their ups and downs.  Although the overall rate of divorce has recently decreased, it is still interesting and helpful to know the main […]

How to Protect Your Family Business During a Divorce?


You may have noticed that one of the largest headlines this year in business news was the divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos.  After a 25 year marriage, the Amazon founder and CEO recently agreed on a divorce settlement.  The total settlement comes in at a whopping 38 billion dollars (roughly a 4% stake in […]