Mental illness and divorce in Utah


Dealing with mental issues is one of the most challenging issues a person and the people that love them can face.  These issues can be compounded psychological issues lead to a divorce or child custody issue.  This article is designed to address issues and considerations that one may make when separating from a person dealing […]

Why you need a parenting plan in Utah


As a newly separated mom or dad, you may be questioning what your child’s living situations will be.  More importantly, how you and any co-parent will make decisions on behalf of your child.  Utah law requires that divorced couples looking for joint custody of their children draft a mutually created co-parenting plan.  This document covers vital […]

Common questions and answers with divorce


Q:    Does it matter who files first for divorce A:    Generally, it makes little or no difference who files the petition for divorce. The party who files the Petition for Divorce will be designated the “Petitioner” in all further pleadings filed in the case, and the other party will always thereafter be designated as the […]

Are you considering divorce due to your spouse’s addiction problem?


Earlier this month our firm released an article dealing with child custody and drug use.  In this article, we will discuss how to divorce a person who is dealing with addiction issues.  Addiction can affect anyone regardless of their race, religion, education, or socioeconomic class. If you are married to an addict and you live […]

Parental drug use in child custody cases


When a parent uses drugs or is believed to be using drugs, it can be considered an emergency child custody case in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taking matters into your own hands is never advisable. Depending on the facts of the case, such conduct may result in a parent actually losing time with the child […]

Things to consider before you share on social media


We all rely on social media, texting and emails for various reasons.  For some, it is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family.  For others social media provides connectivity to make new business connections.  Regardless of why you use online communications, one thing is clear.  If you are going through a […]