Before Hiring a Utah Divorce Attorney, Ask These 3 Questions


Finding a divorce attorney in the Ogden area isn’t difficult. A quick Google search will provide you with the names of countless local family law firms. But how do you choose the right lawyer to handle your case? Talking to friends and family can help, as they may be able to offer recommendations. And of course, you […]

Understanding the Different Types of Child Custody in Utah


There are several types of custody in Utah. Deciding which type of custody best fits your needs may seem overwhelming. When determining which type of custody to seek it may be tempting to seek full custody simply to punish your ex, however, it’s important to keep the best interest of your children in mind. There are […]

Child Abandonment and the Loss of Parental Rights in Utah


The topic of child abandonment is a difficult one for many parents, most of whom could never imagine giving up their precious children. In the legal world, however, issues of child abandonment are often brought up as a part of contentious divorce cases and custody battles. We hear from many mothers and fathers who fear their estranged spouse […]

When Child Support Is Late, Can You Withhold Visitation?


Your ex has fallen behind on child support, and you’re understandably frustrated. In fact, you want to motivate your former spouse to bring his or her obligation current. Unfortunately, you cannot legally withhold visitation rights in Utah, even if child support payments aren’t current. While it may seem completely fair, stopping your ex from spending parent […]