Modifying a Child Support Order in Utah


Have circumstances changed since your child support order was issued? Are you having trouble making payments, or if you receive support, are you having trouble making ends meet under the current arrangement? If there has been a substantial change in you or your ex’s work or living situation, the existing support order may no longer be acceptable. […]

How Do You Get an Annulment in Utah?


We are often asked about the legality of annulment in Utah. Marriage annulment is legally possible in our state, but only if your marriage qualifies under certain conditions. Unfortunately, most couples are not able to meet the legal requirements to have their marriages annulled, and will instead need to consider a divorce. How Does Annulment […]

Family Law and the Basics of Guardianship


In matters of family law, it is often necessary to appoint a guardian. This term refers to someone who has the legal authority to make decisions for someone else, referred to as the ward or protected person. When Is a Guardian Appointed in a Family Law Case? Under Utah family law, an adult who has lost […]

How Moving Out Affects Child Custody in a Divorce


Child custody is one of the most complex aspects of a divorce, and you must take great care to not compromise your rights. Moving out — even when done with the best intentions — could influence custody arrangements in your spouse’s favor. Before you decide to leave the marital home, consider the potential ramifications. It is wise to […]