How to Choose the Right Utah Divorce Lawyer


An experienced divorce lawyer will protect your interests, help you understand possible outcomes for you and your children, and make this difficult process as stress-free as possible. Hiring an attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during this time, and your decision can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. So […]

Divorce Litigation — What Happens to the Pets?


Of all the details decided in divorce litigation, the disposition of pets can be very emotional. In millions of households across the country, pets are regarded as members of the family. Yet divorce courts view them very differently. In the eyes of the law, pets are not little, furry children and therefore do not require custody […]

Can Mediation Work for You?


In Utah, mediation is mandatory for most divorce cases. Divorce mediation typically involves sitting down with a neutral third party, in an attempt to resolve any issues in dispute. Generally, you and your spouse must participate in at least one session. But can mediation actually work? Sometimes the answer is yes, particularly in cases where the decision […]

What Counts as Neglect?


For some it may not be new to you, for your child to return from a stay with your ex, in less than perfect condition. Maybe their hair is a mess, and a few things missing like their socks or sandals. They haven’t brushed their teeth the entire weekend that they were gone. Questions flood […]

Understanding Alimony in a Utah Divorce Proceeding


Does the granting of a Utah divorce decree require alimony payments? This is a common question our clients frequently ask. The answer depends on several factors. Also known as spousal support, alimony payments are awarded in many cases. Consequently, it is reasonable to expect some discussion on this point during the negotiation phase. Who Can Be Awarded Alimony […]