How To Prepare for Mediation


Whether it’s your first time mediating or whether you’ve attended before, keep these considerations in mind as you are preparing to attend mediation. Come With an Open Mind Mediation can be a powerful tool if both parties allow it to be. Be prepared to discuss issues pertaining to your case. At mediation you may come to […]

Why We Choose Family Law


Burton Law is one of the few firms in Northern Utah focusing exclusively on family law. Our families are important to us and we know your family is important to you. We understand that the decisions made in the courtroom can greatly affect your entire life. We know there’s nothing more important than protecting the rights […]

Who Gets What In a Divorce?


During your divorce, you may wonder who gets what? How are premarital and marital assets divided? Division of Assets – A Rule of Thumb The general rule and there are always some exceptions, is that anything acquired during the marriage is marital property. General speaking, the division date for marital property is the date of entry of the […]